DeepStream Launches a 14-Day Free Trial

Unlike traditional suite solutions that lock businesses into long-term contracts - without giving them the opportunity to test the platform first - we now offer our prospective clients the chance to test us out with a 14-day free trial. We’re putting the power back in the hands of you, the buyer. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first right? Why should choosing your software provider be any different?

Here at DeepStream, we like to break the mould and challenge the digital procurement status quo.

We operate with a product-first approach and customer focussed mindset, we’re confident that you’ll see the true value that DeepStream delivers from day one.

So why have we introduced a 14-day Free Trial of DeepStream?

With high-inflation, a recession imminent and budgets getting cut back we understand that it can be hard for organizations to commit to a platform without first-hand seeing the value it can bring. 

In stark contrast to traditional suite solutions which are clunky, counterintuitive and require months if not years of training, DeepStream’s plug-and-play RFx platform is fit for purpose for a free trial. You will be up and running with your first Request in just one day, and the best part? no budget commitment required.

How does our Free Trial work?

We’ve built two options for our free trial: 

1) A sandbox environment 

With the sandbox environment you will have access to all the regular functionality you can expect on our live platform; you will be able to run “live” Requests to dummy suppliers (a.k.a our friendly Customer Success team). You can run as many Requests as you’d like during the trial. Why not make full use of it and try an RFI, RFQ and RFP!

2) Access to our live platform

If you have a Request that you would like to run live, you can choose option 2, access to our live platform. You’ll be able to invite your actual suppliers and interact with new suppliers using our in-app Network. Run the full RFx process from source to award and see how much it can simplify your buying process (goodbye mounting inbox *phew*). You don’t need to worry if your Request will overrun the 14-day trial window, we’re not going to just cut you off. We’ll make sure you still have access until you have pressed that satisfying ‘Award’ button. 

We’ve created these two options to give buyers the option to try the full capability of the platform for themselves, even when they don’t have an imminent Request that needs sending. 

So how can I get going, I hear you ask?

Starting your 14-day Free Trial with DeepStream is as simple to set up as the platform itself. Once you have filled in our Free Trial form (which you can find here), we will set up a short introductory call to understand your needs in more detail and help you determine which trial option is best suited to you. Once that has been decided you will have a follow up call with our Customer Success team who will run through a demo of the platform and get you onboarded. 

What are you waiting for - get in touch to experience how DeepStream simplifies RFx processes helping you to save time, reduce spend and transact with confidence. 

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