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Seamless RFx Communication Starts Here.

The Solution

Bringing Order to Chaos.

Emailing suppliers and counter parties is simple. But when many internal and external people collaborate in procurement processes, exchanging large amounts of information (prices, pre-qualification, clarifications, deviations, contracts, etc.) with multiple suppliers, things start to get messy. Doing this manually on emails leads to compliance risks, inefficiencies, frustration and bloated spend.

DeepStream is an AI-powered RFx point solution that lets you manage all procurement simpler and faster, while delivering a complete user-experience upgrade that boosts adoption, performance, and auditability. By centralizing the entire RFx process in a single digital workspace, our technology limits human frustration, and equips teams with smarter and auditable decision making, automated processes, reducing transactional costs, and more.

* Don’t just believe us, believe the growing number of leading enterprises choosing a fresher, cleaner and more user focused way of communicating and procuring. Read more.

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