Get a 360 view
for full procurement compliance

With emails and attachments, businesses don't have access to real-time information and a comprehensive oversight of your use of resources; this makes it hard to justify the way that negotiations have been carried out and prove that they complied with internal and external regulations. In using DeepStream, your teams are equipped with technology that will serve as a unifying system of record, reconciling multiple information sources that enable simplified reporting and true accountability.

Evaluate your suppliers side-by-side

Equip yourself with the best technology to quickly ask suppliers questions, and compare and evaluate all the answers in a side-by-side view. Automatically-collate responses from suppliers and allow your negotiations to be conducted more efficiently, ultimately generating better outcomes for your business.

Audit Trail for total transparency

Get full oversight of all data and information of any communication. With our irreversible Audit Trail, you are enabled with an on-demand, real-time audit trail of all communication and negotiation across every single RFx process. Download full reports that you’re able to share with stakeholders off the platform when required.

Get full insight to your RFx

Whether you are the user of the platform, or managing a team, you need instant insights around each and all of your RFx processes. With our RFx Summary page you can identify which suppliers have engaged with you, how much time the overall RFx and bidding processes last, and spot issues and areas which can be improved upon in the future.