Supplier collaboration and aligned teamwork

High-performing teams view their work as a team sport and involve a wide range of internal experts - leaving no place for siloed thinking. Now, easily collaborate with your team for smarter decision-making. Simply invite team members and suppliers, chat within the RFx and evaluate submissions with our intelligent scoring matrix


With our Collaborator Company feature, we have created an easy-to-use, collaborative environment for both internal stakeholders and third parties. Be that auditors, external consultants, or partners in a JV or buying consortium - it's as easy as CCing collaborators on an email - but with full security and auditability.

Control access with permissions

Work together as a team on an RFx. Loop in other stakeholders but control what they can do by setting granular permissions within the RFx. Full users can keep control over who can see and edit different content and responses.

Make conversations
within the RFx

The back and forth with suppliers and internal stakeholders, working off of a 50-page PDF with hundreds of comments and multiple versions shared via email is a headache.

With DeepStream you team can seamlessly communicate with their suppliers and fellow team members on individual requirements within the RFx itself. Now, all your information is organized per requirement, tracked and in one place. No more Re:Re:Re: email threads, attachments and ‘see latest version’.