Simplified supplier collaboration and cross-department teamwork

Bring all your activity and communication into one place and stop wasting time chasing for updates. Everyone can work more efficiently with greater cross-departmental visibility.

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All your messages
in one place

When information is spread across multiple messaging platforms it's impossible for you to keep track of the latest updates and ensure your team and other departments are kept in the loop.

DeepStream's procurement software provides intelligent collaboration tools and in-app messaging - keeping all your communication under one roof.

Happy suppliers means competitive bids

Being easy to work with should be a key part of your sourcing strategy. The more straightforward your suppliers find you to work with, the more likely you are to get competitive prices which will drive down your spend.

On top of this, your organization will be able to secure the necessary goods and services when there is a potential risk in your supply chain.

Stay on top of all your RFx work

With our Collaborator Company feature, we have created an easy-to-use collaborative environment for both internal stakeholders and third parties. Whether it's your auditors, external consultants or joint venture partners - it's as effortless as CC'ing them on an email - but with the benefit of full security and audit-capability.

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Traditional software providers seek to lock businesses into long term contracts without giving them the opportunity to try the platform out first. With DeepStream you can trial our platform for free for 14-days, no commitment required.

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