About us

DeepStream is the leading cloud-based procurement software that revolutionizes communication and negotiation between buyers and suppliers. We are empowering your business to save time, reduce spend and transact compliantly by bringing your RFx processes, into a single cloud-based platform.

Who we are

Founded in London 2016, United Kingdom, DeepStream is an interdisciplinary team of lifelong learners from a wide range of industries, countries, and cultural backgrounds. Today, DeepStream partners with some of the world’s leading companies across industries and use cases — empowering teams across the globe to realize their full potential.

Our mission

Creating the most compelling technology for connected businesses to save time, reduce spend and transact compliantly where RFx processes are not a barrier for doing business.

Our vision

A world of connected businesses empowered to seamlessly exchange information, transact rapidly and transparently.

Our commitment to sustainability

At DeepStream, sustainability is and will always be at the heart of our mission of building RFx technology with transparent supply chain processes for modern companies who are paving the way for sustainability to operate effectively, to enable the UN Net-Zero carbon target by 2050. We intend to set a new standard for sustainable business transactions across the supply chain - for suppliers and buyers.

We have made a commitment to responsible strategic sourcing and we recognise our responsibility as a global corporate citizen, and will work with employees, investors, partners, customers and communities to ensure that our technology and services shift the supply chain efforts towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The team

Jack Macfarlane
Chief Executive Officer

Cyril Silverman
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Farrance
Vice President, Head of Clients & Partnerships

Niall Pay
Vice President, Head of Product

Philip Madero Hammarskiöld
Vice President, Head of Sales

Andreas Berglind
Vice President, Head of Marketing

Damian Piekacz
Head of Customer Success

Josh Venter
Senior Product Designer

Shuku Egerton
Customer Success Manager

Emma Cohen
Chief of Staff & Operations

Aedan Stänkelström
Global Account Executive

Isobel Morrow
Global Account Executive

Sam Crow
Global Account Executive

James Shrimpton
Global Account Executive

Geoffrey Atta
Sales Development Representative

Cristiona Martin
Product Marketing Manager

Laura Hawtin
Digital Marketing Manager

Evelina Molis
Junior Marketing Manager

Pragnesh Patel
Senior QA Engineer

Bogdan Brezuica
Senior Software Engineer

Alexander Erhard
Senior Software Engineer

Cristian Marinescu
Senior Software Engineer

Sebastian Mihalache
Senior Software Engineer

Tudor Gergely
Senior Software Engineer