About us

We believe in frictionless global RFx communication.

We come from a wide range of industries (music, automotive, legal, finance, education), countries, and cultural backgrounds. As a result, we come with fresh eyes to an outdated industry. Instead of replicating systems ‘because that’s how it’s usually done’, we create flexible processes based on actual human behaviour. We fight power with technology and creativity, and we win.

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Macfarlane

After leaving LSE with a degree in Economics, Jack jumped into the depths of investment banking for 8 years at UBS. Starting in M&A, by 26 he was Head of Strategic Equity Solutions for Latin America, living between NYC and Mexico City.

Born in Africa and growing up in deepest darkest Peru, he believes frictionless communication for global trade is key to our future - and that opaque supply chain interactions can be made more efficient, transparent and sustainable with digital technology.

Chief Technology Officer

Cyril Silverman

Cyril has been coding since the age of 12. He dropped out of school because the theory bored him and he wanted to code new software to revolutionise the learning experience for aspiring musicians.

Now he makes sure that we implement the coolest, latest and most user friendly technology for our business users. In his free time he likes to meditate and has recently started to proclaim the benefits of the Wim Hof Method.

Customer Success Manager

Damian Piekacz

Damian graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Contemporary Music. He initially used these skills to pursue a career in selling fast cars, before working in the music technology sector.

Now he is in charge of doing whatever it takes to make DeepStream users - our most valuable assets - happy.

Product Manager

Niall Pay

After graduating from Cambridge University with an MA in Classical Music, Niall went on to merge his academic background with music technology software.

Now he is the conductor of the DeepStream orchestra, pumping out sweet technology melodies 24/7.

Head of Business Development

Philip Madero Hammarskiöld

Following a career at Linklaters, Philip progressed into applying Artificial Intelligence to the education industry at Knowledge AI. He graduated from Uppsala University in Sweden with a Master of Laws.

Now he manages the entire business development side of DeepStream, ensuring we stick true to ourselves in delivering the best technology product ever made for industrial enterprises.

During his BA in Strategic Communication at Lund University, Sweden, Andreas deep-dived into the tech scene, growing startups in the media, audio & CE landscape.

Heading up the marketing efforts at DeepStream, Andreas makes sure we stay true to our DNA and spread the word that the next generation of agile RFx technology is here.

Senior Software Engineer

Bogdan Brezuica

Bogdan graduated as a Civil Engineer but quickly decided that coding and technology was going to build the future, and he needed to follow his passion and be part of this.

Alongside being a full stack developer, his particlar expertise is in decentralised ledger technology and blockchain, ensuring that DeepStream is not just the most user friendly RFx platform ever made, but also the most secure and auditable.

Senior Software Engineer

Liviu Ciulinaru

A collaborative web developer with 8 years of experience in creating SasS projects, enjoying all aspects from conceptualization and design to the engineering bits which drive them. He graduated Computer Science at UPB and the passion for technology and creation has been an accelerating factor in his life.

Interested in biohacking and healthy habits. Enthusiastic wine lover. Favourite quote: "Over the long run, superior performance depends on superior learning." (Peter Senge)