About us

DeepStream is the leading cloud-based procurement software that revolutionizes communication and negotiation between buyers and suppliers. We are empowering your business to save time, reduce spend and transact with confidence by bringing your RFx processes, into a single cloud-based platform.

Our story

Founded in London in 2016, we spent our first 2 years building our product. We invested in research and development and ran extensive beta testing, using user-feedback to develop our product further. 

At the beginning of 2018, we went live in the market with a program signing up and using our platform for their live transactions. 

Due to our early success, later in 2018 we were accepted into the TechStars Accelerator program. Spending 3 months in Oslo, we worked with leaders in the industry and expert (McKinsey) consultants to further develop our product. During this period we had access to a network of businesses, some of which are still loyal and happy clients today.

Our growth post this accelerator program - up until the end of 2021 - put us in a position to run a successful Series A funding round which saw us raise £5.1million with top investors including Beringea backing our product.  

Since then our company has grown over three times the size - and our team of life-long learners spend their days figuring out how to make procurement professionals' lives as simple as possible. 

Independent and supported by institutional investors

Our mission

To make digital transformation an easy and accessible experience for all procurement professionals

Our Global Team

Our team is spread across 6 different countries, including our London HQ. Servicing our global client base across 56 different countries - our team is made up of product development, software engineering, customer success and procurement consultant professionals.

We operate with a product-first approach to deploy the latest technological innovations to businesses and that's why 60% of our team are within Product Development and Software Engineering.

Our flexible network of product and software engineering professionals are deployed on client projects, ensuring that DeepStream continues to deliver the fastest and most agile product delivery model for procurement professionals.

Our commitment to sustainability

At DeepStream, sustainability is and will always be at the heart of our mission of building RFx technology with transparent supply chain processes for modern companies who are paving the way for sustainability to operate effectively, to enable the UN Net-Zero carbon target by 2050. We intend to set a new standard for sustainable business transactions across the supply chain - for suppliers and buyers.

We have made a commitment to responsible strategic sourcing and we recognise our responsibility as a global corporate citizen, and will work with employees, investors, partners, customers and communities to ensure that our technology and services shift the supply chain efforts towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The leadership team

Board of Directors

Jack Macfarlane

Ricardo Parro

Johan Schiller

Carrie Babcock

Executive Leadership Team

Jack Macfarlane
Chief Executive Officer

Ricardo Parro
Chief Product & Engineering Officer

Cyril Silverman
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Farrance
Head of Clients & Partnerships