Plug and play procurement technology

DeepStream’s best-of-breed procurement software is plug and play which means users can be up and running in a couple of days. We can also integrate into your organization’s existing tech stack ensuring free-flowing information between all your systems; this avoids manual re-entry and reduces risks of human errors.

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Free-flowing information with software integrations

Remove the need to manually copy information from one platform to another and reduce the risk of errors associated with this. With our integration products, we can integrate into your existing tech stack ensuring free-flowing information.

Get set up in under two days

One of the biggest risks associated with onboarding new software is that no one uses it. This is because most software providers have long onboarding times and no dedicated customer support. This ultimately leads to lower user adoption and engagement. We know the quicker you get up and running the quicker you can see the benefits associated with strategic and streamlined supplier awarding.

Secure procurement software with
ISO 27001 certification

Sending confidential documents over email is risky (and you lose control over where they end up). With DeepStream, you can feel confident that your data is safe - our security has been independently certified for compliance with the ISO 27001 standard, and we have an annual review process in place in order to maintain this high-quality security on our procurement software.

Start Your Free Trial

Traditional software providers seek to lock businesses into long term contracts without giving them the opportunity to try the platform out first. With DeepStream you can trial our platform for free for 14-days, no commitment required.

Why choose DeepStream

Intuitive software

User-friendly software, teams actually want to use

Unlimited customer support

Live customer support for you and your suppliers

No long contracts

Unlike big suite solutions, we don’t lock you in for years

Procurement software teams want to use.

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