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Discover Why Companies Are Switching to DeepStream

Our RFx global companies are next generation supply chain leaders and they demand powerful, user friendly and intelligent RFx software. By centralising the entire RFx processes in a cloud-based digital workspace, our partners can limit frustration, while delivering a complete user-experience upgrade that boosts adoption, performance, and auditability.

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Specialised in Digitalising Critical RFx Processes.

AI-powered RFx point solution caters to a wide array of industries and use cases, facilitating critical information exchanges with suppliers, particularly within the following industries.

Metals & Mining
Reduced sales cycle & with fast software adoption = businesses achieve quantitative returns
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New Companies Joining Every Day.

We focus on forward looking modern enterprises who realise global RFx communication is changing with new agile software. With most of our new partners gaining access via word of mouth or referrals, we are struggling to justify having a sales team at all.

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Sara Nandin de Carvalho at Maersk Decom.

"DeepStream has been a true game-changer in managing all my ongoing procurement at Maersk. It is so easy to initiate a request and manage all communication with the suppliers. A big plus for us has also been that they are listening to our feedback and adding this to the product roadmap to best suit the actual user".

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Marcus Nelson at Xos Trucks.

"We’ve been very impressed with DeepStream’s one-stop-shop for managing supplier RFx related interactions. Customer service has been top-notch, going so far as to make every effort to accommodate our schedules, as well as proactively listening to our feedback and work quickly to implement our ideas and suggestions into the platform".

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Øystein Torlen at Altera Infrastructure.

"Our adoption of DeepStream's intelligent RFx software ensures that we have best-in-class technology to deliver value, RFx communication auditability and data compliance within our critical supply chain operations".

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DeepStream is providing a solution that brings real benefits to the supply chain.

Nobuyuki Takagi, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

DeepStream has developed game-changing software facilitating intuitive industrial RFx B2B communications. The Slack for industrial RFx communications.

David Clitherow, Emerson Automation Solutions

How refreshing it is when a software provider is willing to grow with you, tailoring their product based on your feedback, down to the very daily details.

Jan Liu, Altera Infrastructure

DeepStream is revolutionising the way modern enterprises communicate with their suppliers.

Giacomo Perotta

The most exciting product the industrial supply chain has seen for decades.

Johan Schiller, Eastoir Ventures

We were very satisfied with our first DeepStream experience, particularly with the support. The response times were excellent.

Ben Abrams, London Marine Consultants

"We’ve been very impressed with DeepStream’s one-stop-shop for managing vendor RFx related interactions. Customer service has been top-notch, going so far as to make every effort to accommodate our schedules.

Marcus Nelson, XOS Inc.

Oren is delighted to be working with DeepStream towards a more digital and sustainable supply chain.

Mark Hannan, CEO, Oren Marketplace

Deepstream is a very intuitive platform to use. Also, the team responds very fast which makes your Deepstream experience even more positive.

Antonio Boluda, Natural Mining

I am very satisfied with my DeepStream experiences to date, completing the RFx submission was clear and simple.

Jorn Remoy, REM Offshore

Very Satisfied. It is a simple and intuitive system. Much better than we are used to working with here in Brazil.

Lucas Cunha, H-Tech Engineering


Collaborating with and backed by best-in-class partners.

The thirst for agile RFx technology is real.

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