Open your consulting business to new opportunities with procurement technology.

Different options for your needs.

Get all the features you need to effectively build, manage and grow a profitable partnership with DeepStream. Establish different kinds of partnerships to scale your business and provide more value to your customers.

DeepStream Connect

Joint go-to market strategy and joint pipeline between DeepStream and partners.

Powered by DeepStream

White labeling opportunity where partner firms use DeepStream as part of their own procurement transformation ‘package’.

DeepStream Operations

Partners using DeepStream to perform procurement on behalf of clients or as an outsourcer.

DeepStream Maven

Consulting firm acts as re-seller of DeepStream.

Collaborate on behalf of your client

With DeepStream's Collaborator tool third parties, like consultants or JV partners, can work seamlessly together on any RFx. Simply add a collaborator company, and you’re on your way - it's as easy as CCing collaborators on an email - but with the benefit of full security and visibility.

Shape the future of procurement

Join us in shaping the future of procurement, and access the fastest-growing RFx firm in the market

  • Unlock opportunities with your mid-market clients
  • Collaborate with our Strategic Product & Partner team to help shape our roadmap and future plans
  • Work alongside our Product Teams to help push the boundaries of what Procurement Technology offers
  • The alternative solution to low churn and high-value suite solution deals - increased frequency of opportunities

Ignite Procurement

“I am beyond excited about this partnership and its benefits to procurement professionals. DeepStream’s best-of-breed sourcing solution, coupled with Ignite’s leading capabilities to analyze and manage suppliers, spend, and contracts, provide our customers with the entire source-to-contract offering. With our joint focus on user experience and data flowing seamlessly, we are confident that we’ll make sourcing simple and efficient - and positively impact procurement professionals everywhere.” Sigbjørn Nome, CEO and co-founder of Ignite Procurement


“Adoption of best-of-breed solutions moves the dial from a transaction-based model to one in which more time is available for value-adding procurement activities."

Out of thousands of technologies, KPMG chose DeepStream as their selected vendors to augment business value with best of breed procurement software.

Insight Plum

“The current economic environment is really challenging for businesses of all sizes, and they are looking for ways to drive cost reduction or cost avoidance and improve efficiency and speed to market. Our partnership with Deep Stream Technologies allows us to offer our customers a best-of-breed RFX tool that is easy to use and can be set up within days (not weeks or months)." Mayank Chandla, CEO & Founder of Insight Plum


“We are extremely proud of this partnership with DeepStream. Thanks to our similar missions, visions, mindsets, and technologies, this partnership will transform the customer experience from siloed mail and paper-based workflows to integrated and connected digital AI-driven strategic procurement.” Alex Diebald, Vice President of Business Development at Scoutbee

Brooklyn Vendor Assistance

“At Brooklyn, we are proud to partner with DeepStream to digitalise the procurement process end-to-end and streamline the customer-supplier relationship. With DeepStream’s ability to manage the RFx process, combined with our award-winning VendorOps SaaS platform to perform best practice in post-contract and compliance across all commercial relationships, it transforms the Procurement function and closes the expensive gaps left by all S2P suites on the market today.” Jesse Lee, CEO at Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Twisted Orange

“For too long the market has needed a solution such as DeepStream, for me it allows organisations, at any stage of their procurement journey, to access class leading RFx technology that is both logical and dare I say it simple in its approach. When it comes to RFx, you do not need overly complex solutions, you need something that will support your existing ways of working not conflict with it and hence why I am excited by this opportunity to partner with DeepStream."

Digital Supply Chain & Sustainability Consulting

"We have partnered with DeepStream, a digital native Source-to-Contract platform provider, ushering in a digital revolution with an innovative, agile solution that simplifies, digitalizes, and automates the supply chain process. DeepStream offers Customers and Partners the opportunity to feel, experiment, and validate their business requirements without fuss and commitment. At the same time, they are providing the required engagement support (setting up trial and live environment accounts)." Edwin Mantsha, Managing Partner

James Meads,
Digital procurement advisor and consultant

“I am excited to partner up with DeepStream. As consumers, we buy what looks and feels nice, not necessarily the thing that has the most features. You only need to look at Apple for evidence. The same logic can be translated to e-sourcing software when it comes to driving user adoption."

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