Informed supplier analysis and evaluation

Structure your purchases and requirements, to ensure it conforms to your workflow needs. Make it easy for your team and suppliers to focus on the tasks currently at hand. Define each stage of work to see what’s important and where things are getting stuck. You can scope out all your requirements into Stages and make the next stage available automatically as suppliers submit the relevant information; deadlines are automatically enforced for a seamless experience (and so you don’t have to worry about wasting time chasing anyone).

The DeepStream Network

Bridging the business with a crucial constituency - its suppliers. The lack of visibility into company spend and supplier relationships prevent strategic sourcing from serving as a true driver of enterprise agility and growth. Search and find all suppliers on the DeepStream Network, with 10,000+ companies across the globe, get a clear overview of what suppliers are out there and what they have to offer.

Optimize pricing with data-driven negotiations

Negotiating seamlessly with any stakeholder is a cornerstone of a successful business outcome. With DeepStream, you are in full control of your engine room, which has data to help shape your negotiations.

Easy filtering with
P&S Tags

Easily filter the DeepStream Network of suppliers by 150k Product & Service Tags using UNSPSC codes and find suppliers who can offer exactly what you need, not just because you’ve worked together before.

Smart evaluation of suppliers

Your teams are equipped to compare all supplier bids in one place, which will allow your negotiations to be conducted faster, more efficiently, and simultaneously.

Request and review data with ease

Much like a LinkedIn profile, suppliers create their company profile on the DeepStream Network. Businesses looking for suppliers can now simply request access to detailed supplier pre-qualification data to ensure suppliers’ responses fit their criteria and are best suited to their needs. Of course, all data is shared securely.