Straightforward supplier analysis

Make your supplier selection easy. Ask the exact questions you need answers to, define the format they’re answered in and make sure all inputs are simple to assess and score. 

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Reduce the admin associated with supplier selection

It’s time consuming and a poor use of your team’s time to manage your evaluation processes manually. DeepStream’s procurement software has evaluation tools that’ll automate this for you, so instead of compiling a big spreadsheet, you can spend your time adding strategic value to the evaluation and supplier selection process.

Get all the important information to build a
resilient supply chain

With your teams evaluation work sitting across multiple emails, inboxes and documents you may miss something important. DeepStream's procurement software centralizes this information to give you the confidence that you've thoroughly reviewed all supplier responses and the expert opinion of your stakeholders, before making a decision.

Get Instant Access

Not looking to commit to a plan on a licensed basis? DeepStream also offers Instant Access, which is our ‘Pay as you Request’ plan, and - as the name suggests - allows your business to get verified and be provided with Instant Access to the platform to start creating and issuing sourcing events (and more) - with no fixed monthly fee.

Why choose DeepStream

Intuitive software

User-friendly software, teams actually want to use

Unlimited customer support

Live customer support for you and your suppliers

No long contracts

Unlike big suite solutions, we don’t lock you in for years

Procurement software teams want to use.

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