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All your contracts in the same place

Stop saving your contracts and confidential documents across multiple shared folders and drives - centralize everything within the Contracts Hub.

At a quick glance you can see the status and key details for each and every contract. With everything from document exchanges to communication with your suppliers available in a central location, you’re enabled to control the progress of every negotiated contract, removing the issue of internal bottlenecks.

Never miss a deadline

With DeepStream you can set up bespoke alerts for your contract's key deadlines and custom milestones that are flagged within the platform and sent to your inbox. Whether it’s a renewal window, expiry date or a quarterly supplier review – you’ll never miss those important dates again.

Centralize your contract history

When you create a contract directly from your awarded request all the related questions, line items, documents and exchange history are imported across automatically.

Centralising this important detail gives you quick access so you can understand not only what your contract is for, but also the history of how you got to the final agreement.

Fully compliant contracting

Ensure your compliance and risk management is up to scratch by running a fully auditable contracting process. No more misplaced documents and broken audit trails.

Your team can manage the back and forth of their contracting agreements online with all actions saved, time-stamped and available to download from the audit trail.

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Traditional software providers seek to lock businesses into long term contracts without giving them the opportunity to try the platform out first. With DeepStream you can trial our platform for free for 14-days, no commitment required.

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