Contract management software

Ensure your S2C processes are compliant and following best practice using DeepStream’s contract management software. With the ability to import all the detail and audit trail from your Request straight into the contract - you can eliminate time wasted investigating for answers.

All your contracts in the same place

Stop saving your contracts and confidential documents across multiple shared folders and drives - centralize everything within the Contracts Hub.

At a quick glance you can see the status and key details for every contract. From document exchanges to communication with your suppliers all available in a central location, you’re enabled to control the progress of every negotiated contract, removing the issue of internal bottlenecks.

Never miss a deadline

With DeepStream you can set up bespoke alerts for your contract's key deadlines and custom milestones - flagged within the platform and sent to your inbox. Whether it’s a renewal window, expiry date or a quarterly supplier review, you’ll never miss those important dates again.

Centralize your contract history

When you create a contract directly from your awarded Request all the related questions, line items, documents and exchange history are imported across automatically.

Centralizing this crucial detail allows you to have quick access to not only understand what your contract is for, but also the history of how you got to the final agreement.

Fully compliant contracting

Ensure your compliance and risk management is up to scratch by running a fully auditable contracting process. No more misplaced documents and broken audit trails.

Your team can manage the back and forth of their contracting agreements online with all actions saved, time-stamped and available to download from the audit trail.

Compliant signatures every time

Make signing effortless on our platform, with a user-friendly experience and enhanced security. With our e-signature feature you mitigate errors and comply with EU and US regulations, including the reliable eIDAS compliance standards, ensuring the legal validity of your documents.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and embrace the future of secure and efficient document signing.

AI assistance from Quest

Meet Quest, your AI contract management assistant. No more tedious hours spent searching through your documents. Quest can retrieve vital information and summarize entire documents in seconds, tailored to your requirements.  

Embrace the future of contract management to save time, minimize errors, and supercharge your workflows like never before.

"When it comes to our overall procurement goals for the business, DeepStream has had a significant impact. As a procurement team, we are often measured by the amount of savings we generate, and DeepStream allows us to clearly demonstrate this - transparency is a big win for us."

Kees Bressers

Head of Procurement, Walker's Shortbread

"DeepStream is an extremely user friendly sourcing and RFx platform. Our organization has evaluated numerous tools over the years, and have found that tools often have either too many features, or are simply too complex to utilize effectively. Our sourcing events are now more efficient, and we are excited to see what else is in the DeepStream pipeline."

Dom N

COO, Dryden Group

"DeepStream makes things simple, we have so many suppliers and different commodities in many countries and it helps us organise things in a more efficient way.”

Panagiotis Apostolopoulos

Head of Procurement, IONITY

"The solution focuses on providing the best digitalised "RFx" service possible as opposed to other more wide spread alternatives. Great customer service and the ability for clients to give active input to the regular features/updates."

Scott Zambonini

Digitalization Manager, Scatec

"It’s about DeepStream understanding the procurement process, having a system that people in the heavy industry can relate to, and the platform’s flexibility, so you can structure the tender how you want to - it’s just easy."

Sara Nandin de Carvalho

Supply Chain Manager, Maersk

Our features

Our product roadmap prioritizes customer needs, translating them into intuitive features to streamline procurement processes and demonstrate value

Automated reminders

Set alerts for key dates or milestones related to your contracts - you'll never miss a deadline again

Contracts repository

Store and manage all your new and legacy contracts in one place - enabling visibility over the agreement history

Approval stages

Build an enforced approval process for your contracts - maintain best practices and stay in control

Sign contracts in-app

Accelerate your processes further with electronic signatures on your contract documents in DeepStream

Custom milestones

No two contracts are structured the same - flexibility to build unlimited milestones ensuring critical activities are covered

Granular permissions

Rest assured that you have complete control over who can access and approve your confidential documents

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