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We’ve packed our RFx platform full of features, that will help you digitally transform your procurement processes enabling you to save time, reduce spend and transact with confidence.

Standardized and well structured

DeepStream has been created to be used flexibly across all procurement processes. Whether you're running a transactional RFI or a more complex RFP, our Stages and Pages functionality allows you to structure your Requests based on your existing business processes - maintaining that familiarity, with the benefits of digital automation.

Gone are the days of copy and paste

No need to waste any more time unpicking various document formats to collate suppliers responses to your RFP. With our evaluation tools you and your team can assess responses side-by-side using our supplier scorecard.

Built on your set of criteria and using our multi-user evaluation feature you can compare scores from your individual stakeholders and a total average - enabling engagement and accountability with all Requests across your team.

Track the savings you've achieved

In the past, effortlessly tracking your expenditures and savings per request was quite a challenge. However, there's no need to fear the task of gathering this data anymore.

With each RFP you send, you'll now have access to a detailed dashboard that includes your initial budget, final request value, and a breakdown of savings tailored to your RFP structure.

Messaging tools that
make sense

It's too easy to spend hours either sending mass group email updates or getting lost in the weeds of your inbox trying to locate an email, with a specific document, that your supplier is referring to during the process of your RFP.

With DeepStream you can keep all communication, document exchanges and document deviations housed within the eprocurement platform - valuable time saved for strategic tasks.

Maximise procurement value with
best and final offers

Secure favourable pricing and terms, whilst ensuring fairness and transparency in supplier selection. Give your suppliers the opportunity to refine their proposals to better align with your sourcing goals.

"When it comes to our overall procurement goals for the business, DeepStream has had a significant impact. As a procurement team, we are often measured by the amount of savings we generate, and DeepStream allows us to clearly demonstrate this - transparency is a big win for us."

Kees Bressers

Head of Procurement, Walker's Shortbread

"DeepStream is an extremely user friendly sourcing and RFx platform. Our organization has evaluated numerous tools over the years, and have found that tools often have either too many features, or are simply too complex to utilize effectively. Our sourcing events are now more efficient, and we are excited to see what else is in the DeepStream pipeline."

Dom N

COO, Dryden Group

"DeepStream makes things simple, we have so many suppliers and different commodities in many countries and it helps us organise things in a more efficient way.”

Panagiotis Apostolopoulos

Head of Procurement, IONITY

"The solution focuses on providing the best digitalised "RFx" service possible as opposed to other more wide spread alternatives. Great customer service and the ability for clients to give active input to the regular features/updates."

Scott Zambonini

Digitalization Manager, Scatec

"It’s about DeepStream understanding the procurement process, having a system that people in the heavy industry can relate to, and the platform’s flexibility, so you can structure the tender how you want to - it’s just easy."

Sara Nandin de Carvalho

Supply Chain Manager, Maersk

Our features

Our product roadmap prioritizes customer needs, translating them into intuitive features to streamline procurement processes and demonstrate value

Stages & pages

Build bespoke workflows around your existing business processes and drive best practices across your team

Centralized exchanges

Keep all your communication, document exchanges and clarifications with suppliers in one location

Downloadable audit trail

All actions during your RFx are time-stamped and downloadable, mitigating compliance risks

Best and final offers

Incentivise suppliers throughout your RFx to offer better terms and prices with multi-stage responses

Efficient evaluation

Auto-collated responses organised by line item type, in a side-by-side supplier scorecard

Multi-user stage approvals

Improve internal alignment on selected suppliers and increase visibility across your team's input

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