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Integrations are supposed to make your life easier, but up until now they have been overly complicated, time-consuming to build and difficult to maintain. With fast, cost effective and robust integration products DeepStream makes connecting all your different systems together simple.

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Marketplace Integrations enable you to send messages to third-party systems when there’s activity on DeepStream - for example integrate with your chosen messaging system and get a notification every time something happens in DeepStream. Marketplace Integrations are super agile and can be delivered in under 2 weeks.


Standard Integrations allow users to send data to and from DeepStream. Whether you want to automatically generate a Request from a requisition being raised, or send details of an awarded Request to your PO system - we make it simple for you to do.

Our product team will work with you to agree your requirements and can deliver Standard Integrations in under 6 weeks - goodbye many months of boring requirements calls, hello integrations bliss


Our bespoke integrations do what they say on the tin - they’re complex flows that connect all of your systems together and are entirely custom to you. Our product team will work through your requirements and design a solution that best suits your needs.


DeepStream offers SSO (single sign-on) Integrations as standard to all clients. Having SSO authentication set-up further elevates users’ experience with the platform saving them time (no need to find the piece of paper your password is written on!) plus, this improves your overall corporate security.

We integrate into any third-party software, including

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