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Automate your workflows

Transform your team from an operation-heavy cost center to a strategic, profit-generating business unit. Change your manual RFx processes consisting of emails and attachments into automated workflows, so you can re-allocate that time to focusing on strategic activities that will add value to your business.

Build and save bespoke workflows and templates to be used time and time again, ensuring efficiency and agreed best practices are maintained across your whole team.

All your work in
one place

Stop wasting valuable time keeping your stakeholders up to date on requests. Use DeepStream's procurement platform to create a single source of truth that the whole team can view.

Plus, our collaboration tools make it accessible for your consultants and joint venture partners to work together with you in one place.

Straightforward supplier analysis

You no longer need to spend time compiling supplier responses that you've pulled from multiple email threads. DeepStream's evaluation tools will auto-collate supplier inputs and pull them into simple side-by-side supplier scorecards. Speeding up your selection process, enabling you to easily assess the right fit for your requirements.

Track all your RFx processes

Ensure that all information related to your RFx processes are readily available. This means if a team member leaves, goes on holiday - or their emails get deleted - you can pick up exactly where they left off, and, have all of the context.

Plus, when it comes time for your annual audit, all information related to your RFx and eAuction activities exist in one place, are time coded and downloadable.

Quick and easy set-up

Older platforms (and poorly built new ones) require excessive training and ongoing maintenance which means too much time is spent onboarding and upskilling users. DeepStream's procurement software is intuitive - users quickly understand how it works and your business can reap the benefits in rapid time.

On top of this, we can integrate into your existing tech stack ensuring up-to-date accurate information moves across your organization.

Why choose DeepStream

Intuitive software

User-friendly software, teams actually want to use

Unlimited customer support

Live customer support for you and your suppliers

No long contracts

Unlike big suite solutions, we don’t lock you in for years

Procurement software teams want to use.

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