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Procurement Software For Seamless Buyer-to-Supplier Communication.

The #1 cloud-based RFx (RFP, RFQ, RFI) software that revolutionizes communication and negotiation between buyers and suppliers. Boost your team with user-friendly software that brings smarter and auditable decision-making across your business.

Backing our product.

We believe in our product - so we make sure that the actual user can try us out with a 3 month trial.


The RFx platform that is simple to set up and easy to use. Create workflows best suited for your business and type of RFx, effortlessly.

Collaborate with ease.

Invite your suppliers to award bids, and collaborate with your team.

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Automate Your Routine Work. With Workflow Automations.

Remove bottlenecks that drag out work. Build project templates to speed up your process. Fine tune them to do work your way, make sure no one misses a step, and keep your team rowing in the same direction. Standard structure makes it easier for buyers (and suppliers) to complete, standardizing ways of working.

Intelligent Software Built By and For the Actual User.

Prescriptive software functionality means deviating to emails, emails mean manual work and manual work means time and money wasted.

All product features are based on user feedback to ensure our software is built to cater to the actual user's needs, not just tick boxes. Our methodology puts our customers’ voices and needs at the heart of what we do. This is what drives our regular and rapid improvements to the platform.

Bring Teams Together to Drive Business Impact.

Opaque ways of working and conducting daily business transactions come with greater regulatory risks, barriers to communication, and time wasting efforts.

Manage your team's communication in a visible, traceable and collaborative way. Bridge information silos clogged inboxes and confusing email chains. and maintain one source of truth across your organization. Improved visibility for Procurement Managers to support workload and planning by quickly identifying stretched employees or bottlenecks.

From RFx Sourcing to Internal Collaboration with your Team and Suppliers.

We set the standard for seamless collaboration and communication within your team and between buyers and suppliers. This is both across teams within your business (procurement and strategic RFx sourcing, legal, finance, etc.) and with external businesses - invite them to collaborate at the click of a button (it's as easy as CCing collaborators on an email - but with full security).

Communicating with our proprietary RFx software logs and traces every action of every user within all RFx communication in real-time.

Why DeepStream

Backing Our Product.

We believe in our product - so we make sure that the actual user can try us out with our 3 month trial - removing the chains of businesses locked in to expensive long-term contracts. With a 100% success rate after trying us out, we have a solid track record of this working. And we know you might have longer term processes, don’t worry, all activity can be completed, regardless of opt-out.

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