Say goodbye to repetitive, manual tasks with proposal automation

Automate your workflows and unlock you and your teams’ full potential. Instead of wasting time planning processes, sending emails, collating responses (converting currencies to your preferred format... insert eye-roll emoji here) let DeepStream do that for you. Get back to the strategic work that’s really going to add business value.

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Get the whole team working off the same page

Build out and save reusable processes that your team can easily use to structure how they run their RFP, RFQs and RFIs. This will make sure your whole team is working within agreed best practices - reducing the risk of them going off script and missing an important step!

Automating your workflows means money saved

Time is money, and DeepStream’s automation tools help you save time. By making it quicker for you and your team to run your RFx processes, you can reduce your transaction costs. Even better, your team can then dedicate their saved time to strategic work that will drive even more savings for your organization.

Get Instant Access

Not looking to commit to a plan on a licensed basis? DeepStream also offers Instant Access, which is our ‘Pay as you Request’ plan, and - as the name suggests - allows your business to get verified and be provided with Instant Access to the platform to start creating and issuing sourcing events (and more) - with no fixed monthly fee.

Why choose DeepStream

Intuitive software

User-friendly software, teams actually want to use

Unlimited customer support

Live customer support for you and your suppliers

No long contracts

Unlike big suite solutions, we don’t lock you in for years

Procurement software teams want to use.

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