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Create a competitive environment

Besides the obvious time savings you can make - eAuctions can help to drive down your costs. Due to the transparent nature of the process - suppliers offer what they truly are willing to provide their product or service for so your business can hit spend reduction goals

Improve your supplier relationships

eAuctions are valuable events for your suppliers to participate in too. It can give them insightful information on how their competition places themselves in the market - they can get meaningful takeaways based upon whether they’re winning or losing, and how much by. Plus, who doesn’t love saving some time off emailing (not us!)

Built with eAuctions strategy at its core

DeepStream’s eAuction tool has been built with eAuction strategy at its core. Our settings are built to ensure buyers consider all aspects important to running a successful eAuction and the interface is easy to navigate, which drives high supplier engagement.

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