Stop wasting valuable business time going back and forth negotiating with your suppliers. eAuctions can be your new solution to get the most competitive price in the shortest amount of time.

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"When it comes to our overall procurement goals for the business, DeepStream has had a significant impact. As a procurement team, we are often measured by the amount of savings we generate, and DeepStream allows us to clearly demonstrate this - transparency is a big win for us."

Kees Bressers at Walker's Shortbread

Create a competitive environment

Alongside saving weeks of face to face negotiation time, eAuctions can also drive down your spend. In contrast to the traditional closed door negotiation process, eAuctions are transparent - suppliers are more willing to offer their best possible price as they can visibly see the level of bids their competitors are providing.

Improve your supplier relationships

Running an eAuction isn't just beneficial for your business, but for your suppliers business as well. The process gives them market intelligence on where their competitors position themselves and how they fair in comparison.

This is priceless market insight that can be applied to their future strategy, which also strengthens your relationship with them by being the enabler of this information source.

Built with eAuctions strategy at its core

Working in conjunction with Jacob Gorm Larsen, DeepStream's eAuction functionality has been built using industry gold standards. Our settings enable you to consider all aspects that are important to run a successful auction event, providing you with best practices in an easy to navigate user interface.

Jacob Gorm Larsen
Author of "A Practical Guide to
E-Auctions For Procurement"

“DeepStream is already well known for setting the gold standard when it comes to usability for RFX solutions. Their clients will quickly achieve great results and cost savings with the eAuction module.”

eAuction demo

Eager to see an eAuction in action? Follow the link below and you can get instant access to our eAuctions demo video

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