DeepStream February Update - The Love For RFx.

We're super happy to bring you our February update. RFx-ing has been particularly strong this month and this has helped us continue our journey towards frictionless global RFx communication and to move away from thousands of opaque emails to a transparent, collaborative and auditable digital platform ⚡

OREN (a Shell & IBM venture) and DeepStream

Not all heroes wear capes...but together with our friends over at OREN (a Shell and IBM venture) you can become an RFx Hero in 15 min and digitalise all RFx communication not only saving buyers money but also building a sustainable supply chain and reducing time-to-award by 500%. With great power comes great responsibility, so make every RFx matter.

We love platform flexibility & activity (and so do our users)

With DeepStream’s plug-and-play RFx platform, our users can build their RFx as best suited to them. And this is delivering value, fast. That’s why DeepStream is the fastest and most user-friendly RFx platform ever made, and below are some concrete user data points to back this up!

February platform activity highlights

⚡️ Time-to-value: Our most recent partner in renewable energy went from “we have signed”, to onboarded and building their first RFx in less than a day. We would argue this is ultra-lightning-fast time-to-value.

👤 User activity: 200+ businesses were busy RFx-ing on the platform - a testament to its user friendliness (and that the love tunes got the RFx flowing).

🌱 Organic growth: 62 vendors and 188 users were onboarded onto the growing network - vendors went from platform invite to proceeding with their bid in just 5 min on average.

🚀 Performance improvements

The dev team made big strides this month towards migrating our underlying RFx architecture towards an even more powerful and plug-and-play system. This will allow for much greater complexity in future, enabling the platform to model complex information flows like blind evaluations, reverse auctions, and price negotiations between buyers and vendors.

On top of this, this flexible system streamlines the development process, allowing the team at DeepStream to build new RFx features faster (like the upcoming Evaluation functionality). It gives our user more and better tools to paint their RFx masterpieces on the DeepStream blank canvas approach.

Get RFx-ing and feel the speed improvements!​

Product updates

In continuing to make DeepStream easier to use than emails, the team delivers 2 releases on average per month: below are some selected features which we are particularly proud of this month.

Added currency list and robust performance

This month, we vastly improved the choice of available currencies, now supporting the majority from the ISO 4217 standard. We also doubled down on optimisation to ensure platform performance around currencies remains speedy and robust.

Improving vendor response rates

We’ve added the RFx ‘Scope of Work’ to the email invites sent to vendors. This will ensure they feel confident that the RFx is legitimate and have all the information at hand to respond quickly through DeepStream. This builds trust on both ends, and trust is key.

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