Email Fatigue is Real. But There is a Way Out.

“The data is clear: the global shift to remote work has led to a significant rise in digital communications and it’s causing employees to feel fatigued and burned out”

So says Forbes, Work place insight, Stylist, HR Bartender, and the list goes on. We’re sure you yourselves have experienced it. So prolific is this dissatisfaction with emails, that Forbes has estimated it could be responsible for 38% of workers quitting their jobs. Not a statistic any employer wants to see, but nevertheless one that will likely continue to grow with the new status quo of working flexibly from home or abroad. An unfortunate and inevitable repercussion? More emails. 

Rahul Vohra, the CEO of Superhuman, with vested interest in the wellbeing of emails, has admitted that:

“The data is clear: the global shift to remote work has led to a significant rise in digital communications and it’s causing employees to feel fatigued and burned out”

Part of this frustration with emails is their persistence and their lack of organisation. We all must be familiar by now with trailing through our inbox to find one particular message from an individual in amongst the chaos. Allison Lancaster from Online Business Solutions has said her solution to this has been checking her emails only twice a day when she organises and prioritises them. She does this in order to shield herself from the plague of email fatigue.

However, the majority of us do not have this luxury. We’re fully aware that procurement teams sending out multiple tenders to multiple suppliers (sometimes 1000s) cannot decide they will only be checking their emails twice a day. And so, the fatigue sets in. The fear of having forgotten to send something, not being able to remember what has been sent to who, the inability (and frantic searching) to find a specific attachment or response your line manager is asking to see. You’ve seen it, we’ve heard it. 

DeepStream has been developed to prevent this from happening. The platform replaces emails, organises supplier responses, attachments and clarifications in a workflow that suits your team and helps you to achieve your goals in the most painless way possible. DeepStream is designed to ensure that whatever your RFx (Request For anything) is for, you can streamline your workflow and keep track of all activities on a RFx. This is thanks to our Audit trail, which tracks all activity (including documents submitted by suppliers and communication with suppliers) and enables you to download this information in a condensed and efficient manner.

DeepStream facilitates the move from an overflooded inbox and Re:Re:Re:Re thread nightmares to a clean and easy communication flow. We understand that the ability to communicate seamlessly with internal users and suppliers instantly and without friction or extra costs is tantamount to successful business operations. That is why our platform updates live, meaning that you will know what happens as soon as it does. Technologies serve us best when we deploy their new efficiencies with intention and with an aim to improve the human condition. Eliminating manual work and emails is our answer to this. What would be yours?

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