OREN & DeepStream Case Study: Joining Forces to Help Companies Make Procurement Processes More Efficient.

At DeepStream, we have close relationships with all our Partners, but none more so than with our channel partners, with whom we collaborate to drive the best results for themselves - and ultimately for their clients. To delve into this relationship a little more, we sat down with Tarja Strahlman, OREN Commercial Lead to talk about OREN Marketplace (a Shell and IBM venture) and DeepStream: where we started, how we fit into each other’s journeys and where we are heading.

First of all, a short introduction. Tarja, who has worked at Shell for more than 10 years facilitating the digital transformation and commercial delivery within its B2B business, assumed the responsibility of OREN’s Commercial Lead at the beginning of 2021. OREN Marketplace is a Shell owned venture and the brainchild of Shell and IBM. An online marketplace, OREN hosts technology solution providers that offer services and hardware to address the pain points that their customers face across the mining value chain. As the procurement process is a big part of mining companies’ value chain, according to Tarja DeepStream was therefore obviously“a very compelling proposition”.

Our recent joiner in the DeepStream Business Development team, Aedan got a shout out here as validating this belief, moving from Oracle NetSuite to DeepStream, and seeing greater satisfaction from customers, with a shorter implementation time of the product. Based on Aedan’s experience, he can vouch that:

“DeepStream is a hassle-free solution that is really focused on the user, but also delivers what you get from an enterprise solution”

Further, Tarja says that OREN has “seen really positive feedback” from its customers, who appreciate the speed of procurement transactions and user-friendly RFx software offered by DeepStream.

OREN, like ourselves at DeepStream, is on a journey of evolution to provide mining customers with the best solutions to digitalise their operations. Through its engagements with mining companies around the world, OREN has identified the need to help its customers evaluate their digital transformation strategy and the solutions that they require. To help customers start this journey OREN is providing consulting support through its Digital Discovery Workshop. DeepStream is therefore one of the point solutions recommended by OREN to customers in order to digitalise and make their procurement processes more efficient and transparent.

OREN’s USP is the team’s breadth of expertise in the mining industry. Tarja pointed out that OREN’s consultants include mining engineers who have spent more than a decade on mine sites. As a result, the OREN consultants understand pragmatically the issues that their customers face and can help them to make decisions that have tangible benefits at mining sites.

As the industry is so relationship-based, OREN, like DeepStream, develops close working relationships with all their customers in order to ensure that they offer the specific digital and technical solutions they need, when they need it. Just as DeepStream allows partners to build out their workflow to adapt and address their pain points in Supplier or internal communication, OREN adapts to each of their customers' problems to provide them with the best digital solutions (and when it comes to streamlining digital procurement processes - DeepStream is one such provider).

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