Tired of Endless Emails and Spreadsheets? Then This Update is for You!

Do you feel like most of our users, being tired of endless emails and spreadsheets? 

We put our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do. Our methodology of relying on our users to drive our regular and rapid updates to the platform, means we are able to build software that addresses our users existing pain points, tangibly improve their processes, and save them time. Off the back of that feedback, our latest product release, we are now streamlining our email notifications. Emails are now grouped into separate categories covering different types of activity on the platform, such as “Company”, “Requests” and “Pre-qualification”. Say goodbye to clogged inboxes, and hello to better focused and more efficient RFx-ing.

DeepStream is here to replace emails and spreadsheets to make the process of requesting something from one or multiple supplier companies more efficient and transparent. We do this by consolidating business transactions (or as we call it, RFx -  Request For anything) workflows and communication in one place, and make it auditable with our reporting functions. Simple!

With flexible and collaborative procurement software, you can make transparent decisions that support commitments to ethical and environmental sustainability (it's as easy as CCing collaborators on an email - but with full security and without the dreaded threads). Software that allows for visibility across internal teams, makes auditing easy, facilitates Supplier communication, and ultimately allows companies to make smarter and more transparent decisions better and more efficiently. 

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