How a Transparent Supply Chain Paves the Way For a Sustainable Future.

Whilst driving a sustainable and environmentally friendly future is increasingly at the top of corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, these commitments rarely extend to company's sourcing.

Supply chains typically produce five times more carbon than companies’ direct emissions, but often procurement teams are only free to purchase from sustainable suppliers if they offer lower-cost alternatives. This is a mistake both in terms of corporate responsibility but as Schroders points out is also as a financial mistake. As Supply & Demand Chain Executives conclusively identified procurement is the secret weapon in the global fight against climate change and implementing sustainable sourcing benefits the bottom line.

Opaque ways of working drives a lack of transparency and accountability internally, and between companies. This heightens the risk of security breaches, and wastes time managing multiple channels of communication. Companies that use digital supply chain tools make smarter and more sustainable decisions. This is because agile supply chain tools, like DeepStream enable transparent ways of working, benefitting internal and external communication.

Regulatory bodies intensifying scrutiny (and pressure) on companies to make their supply lines greener, makes this the perfect time to switch to more intelligent sourcing. At DeepStream, we believe in frictionless RFx trade, enabling partners to embed transparency by default throughout the commercial lifecycle from planning through to procurement, contract award, performance and completion. Our Evaluation feature, empowers our partners to choose sustainability over price when making decisions on which suppliers meet their standards. With greater visibility during the decision-making process, our partners can ensure sustainability across the supply chain.

With an auditable RFx software streamlining sourcing and supplier communication has never been so easy. Moving all business transactions into one transparent platform, smarter decision-making and secure source-to-awards. That’s choosing sustainability. 

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