Wasting Time On Emailing & Attachments? You Are Not Alone.

Right now, strategic sourcing is time consuming. But emailing is not only consuming our time. It is also making us miserable.

“I feel an almost uncontrollable need to stop what I’m doing to check email,” 

“It’s slow and very frustrating... I often feel like email is impersonal and a waste of time,”

Do you recognise any of these feelings? Emails were supposed to make our work lives easier and more efficient. But, do you find yourself wasting time on emailing attachments and spreadsheets to your vendors? Reality is that business users either use emails or clunky procurement software with bloated features that are so prescriptive they deviate to emails and attachments for 95% of all RFx communications...it’s time to move on! 

To study the effects of email, a team led by researchers from the University of California, Irvine, found that people who do not look at email on a regular basis at work are less stressed and more productive. The study also showed that “the longer one spends on email in [a given] hour the higher is one’s stress for that hour”. As pointed out by The New Yorker in a recent article about the subject, a study, published in 2019, looked at long-term trends in the health of a group of nearly five thousand Swedish workers. They found that repeated exposure to “high information and communication technology demands” (translation: a need to be constantly connected) were associated with “suboptimal” health outcomes.

We felt that and every team deserves better than that. It’s time to take control of the situation and eliminate manual work focusing our time on projects that matter.

For our 800+ business and over 1600 users busy shifting their focus from email to frictionless RFx communication at DeepStream, is to automate all their sourcing and vendor communication in a cloud-based and auditable RFx software - making business transactions effortless and enjoyable. We like to summarise what this means in three points.

1. The plug-and-play RFx software 

Implementation in less than a day, invite vendors and award bids in minutes and set up workflows best suited for your business and type of RFx. Our plug-and-play software gives the users more and better tools to paint their RFx masterpieces on the DeepStream blank canvas. This is RFx communication as you hope it would be.

2. Intelligent software built by and for the actual user

In continuing to make DeepStream easier to use than emails, the team delivers 2 releases on average per month. With DeepStream’s plug-and-play RFx platform, users can define their RFx workflow, rather than being defined by clunky and prescriptive software or stuck wasting time on thousands of email threads. We chose our product features based on user feedback and building our software for the actual users, not because of checking off boxes on paper. Our methodology means regular, rapid improvement which we put our customers’ voices and needs at the heart of.

3. More transparency and control. For a sustainable future.

Opaque ways of going about with daily business transactions comes with great risks and time wasting efforts. DeepStream’s cloud-based and auditable RFx software streamlines your company’s sourcing and vendor communication, mitigating all business transactions into a transparent platform, that ensure transparent decision-making and secure source-to-awards that minimises the risk of corruption and security breaches.

4. Seamless collaboration & secure communication with your team and vendors

It’s like your Teams but for your RFx communication. Stay on the same platform, throughout your whole sourcing process. Chat with your vendors - even after the bid is awarded. It’s about time we moved on from email threads. Seamless collaboration between users, buyers and vendors as standard. This is both within your business (procurement and strategic sourcing, legal, finance, etc.) and with external businesses - collaborate at the click of a button (it's as easy as CCing vendors onto an email - but with full security). Communicating with our proprietary RFx software logs and traces every action of every user within all RFx communication in real-time.

Achieving this makes the move from an overflooded inbox and a Re:Re:Re:Re thread nightmare overload. Communicating seamlessly with a companies’ internal users and vendors is key, instantly without friction or extra costs. Technologies serve us best when we deploy their new efficiencies with intention, with an aim to improve the human condition. Eliminating manual work and emails is our answer to this. Would you agree? 

This is sourcing as it should be.

Procurement software teams want to use.

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