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Jacob Gorm Larsen, former Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk and author of “A Practical Guide to E-Auctions For Procurement”, joins DeepStream’s CEO & Founder Jack Macfarlane to discuss eAuctions and why this negotiation strategy is critical in light of the recession.

  • The recession is highlighting that procurement departments, now more than ever, are driving towards becoming a profit-generating business unit for organizations. Will companies be able to generate cash and cost savings to preserve and protect themselves?
  • Procurement professionals understand the opportunity that technological innovation brings in a situation like this, and can utilize this crisis to drive change in their organizations. What support is needed from CPOs in this case?
  • Buyers can expect to reduce their spend by 20% when negotiating with their suppliers, and on average 52% of all transactions achieve double-digit savings with the implementation of eAuctions. But what are the benefits of eAuctions for suppliers? 

Jack and Jacob also dive into the detail behind DeepStream’s eAuctions tool. The frequently asked questions they answer are:

  • How does the functionality work?
  • What auction model was adopted and why?
  • What makes DeepStream’s eAuction tool the gold standard?
  • Why should procurement teams adopt an eAuction strategy?

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