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How DeepStream Charged IONITY's Procurement Processes, Ensuring Visibility, Automation and Value for the Whole Business

DeepStream’s partnership with IONITY has gone from strength to strength, and as a case study it is particularly interesting due to the variety of use cases that have been run through the platform. The growth of IONITY users on the platform is a testament to the collaborative relationship between both companies. To delve deeper into this, we sat down with two of IONITY’s core users; Panagiotis Apostolopoulos, Head of Procurement, and Liliia Hrytsak, Procurement Support Specialist, to discuss their experience working with DeepStream.

From Trading to RFxing: Meet Emma Cohen, Chief of Staff and Operations at DeepStream

This month we have welcomed Emma Cohen, a former trader and ESG research professional, as a Chief of Staff and Operations who has already started encapsulating new directions that drive our team forward. But, rather than keep her all to ourselves, we thought it was well and truly time for everyone else to meet her.

How DeepStream Charged Britishvolt's Procurement Processes - Saving Time & Money for the Whole Business.

Britishvolt has been one of our most interesting use cases to date. It has been an incredible experience helping them build their company and factories for Lithium ion batteries across the UK. Britishvolt’s commitment to building a sustainable future is one that we share, and are delighted to be facilitating that through our platform.

DeepStream Partnership Programme: A Powerful Partnership ⚡️

Why the End of Email Marks the Start of Efficient Procurement

In other industries, the phasing out of email as the main method of communication has initiated more creative reimaginings of systems and processes, increasing efficiency and simplifying workflows. There’s no reason that this shouldn’t apply to the RFx (‘Request For anything’ (RFP/RFI/RFQs etc.) process too.