May the 4th Be With Your RFx Process

What do Star Wars and procurement have in common? A question that we know many of you have been contemplating, and never more than today. Here are the simple answers.

Think of procurement as the world of Star Wars, and think of DeepStream as the Jedi lightsaber that brings it to order. Our Customer Success team are the Obi-Wan Kenobis who will teach you to wield that lightsaber, guide you to fulfil your Jedi destinies and become the heroes of procurement. With the Jedi (DeepStream) force, you’ll have the ability to: 

🚀Achieve 10x faster source-to-award and cut cost by 20% 

🏆Invite suppliers and award bids in minutes

🤝Build bespoke workflows to best fit your team's needs. 

Part of the reason why DeepStream is able to deliver these winning statistics is because of the agility of our platform. We release updated Product features every two weeks to ensure our platform remains on top of its game, and we’re constantly looking for ways to further evolve. 

These evolutions are driven by user feedback. This is to ensure that our platform’s features accurately reflect and provide support for our user’s pain points in their daily workflow. Further, to ensure that our platform caters to our user’s needs in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. We aren’t the only ones who know that agile technology is the way forward, Segue Technologies have documented the benefits including; transparency, focus on business value and user engagement - to name a few. AppPartner has also detailed the benefit using agile technology has on the quality of the product, which is something we particularly pride ourselves on at DeepStream. 

We know the customer’s always right, which is why we don’t try to force clunky and redundant features on you and lock you into long-term contracts, (not to name names *cough* SAP Ariba *cough*). We back our products’ ability to deliver value to our user’s workflows fast - and give users the opportunity to feed into how we can further develop the platform. Their suggestions could be implemented in as little as two weeks! We adapt to suit your needs - not the other way around.

Get some of that Jedi power:

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