Overcoming Sending Your First RFx Angst.

Your first time. Like any first, it can seem intimidating - you’ve never done it before, you don’t know what the result will be and you’re worried you’ll spoil it. However, unlike many of your other firsts (yes, including that one), even after sending your first RFx (or any subsequent) you can go back and revise it. It’s like re-writing history, editing out all those cringe worthy memories and perfecting it according to the exact requirements needed.

There is no limit to the number of revisions you can make to a RFx, which means that even once it’s sent you can adapt it and tweak it continuously. This includes changing the deadline, changing documents uploaded, descriptions, adding additional Suppliers etc. This flexibility should help remove that initial stage fright, and reassure you that you have nothing to fear by pressing “Send request”. 

Ultimately, we all know that the second time tends to be that bit easier and you feel that much more comfortable and confident in what you’re doing. To get to that point, and further, that first RFx needs to be sent. Not only will it prove to you how much flexibility you still have after you have sent it, it provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the tool and start to consider different options for structuring your future RFxs.

Using the tool is the best way to test your understanding, and we’re here on hand 24/7 to help answer the questions that come up as you do. Before you click send on your first RFx, there is also a pop up window asking you if you would like to contact support. If you do so, someone from the Customer Success team would be more than happy to run through it with you as a sense check. 

For multiple Stage requests, the ability to revise requests means you can actually send your request without building out your second and or third Stages. This means that launching your RFx process doesn’t have to be held up by delays in documentation - you can still ask your Suppliers to sign the necessary NDAs in the first Stage, and add those documents you were waiting on to later Stages. This helps to keep the momentum going in your procurement processes and helps prevent rushed RFxs or document completions. 

If you’d like more of an explanation on how you can do this, contact our Customer Success team at support@deepstreamtech.com if you’re already on the platform - and if you're not yet signed up:

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