Partner Announcement: Xos Trucks Joins DeepStream's Transparent And Collaborative RFx Platform

When electric commercial vehicles meet a transparent and collaborative RFx platform, big things are going to happen!

We are thrilled to have Xos Trucks onboarded and up and running on our platform. DeepStream’s cloud-based and auditable RFx software is streamlining the state-of-the-art electric commercial vehicles company's sourcing, supplier communication, and internal collaboration to run effectively.

Marcus Nelson at Xos Trucks said:

"We’ve been very impressed with DeepStream’s one-stop-shop for managing supplier RFx related interactions. Customer service has been top-notch, going so far as to make every effort to accommodate our schedules, as well as proactively listening to our feedback and work quickly to implement our ideas and suggestions into the platform."

The partnership is perfectly aligned with our mission of building RFx technology with transparent supply chain processes for modern companies like Xos Trucks, which are paving the way for sustainability to operate effectively. With the partnership, we continue to set a new standard for sustainable business transactions across the supply chain - for suppliers and buyers.  

Stay tuned, it's a lot more to come! In the meanwhile, if you want to know more about how you can get on this action too:

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