Unlocking the Power of Pre-qualification

Hello procurement teams of the world, and happy Earth Day! Pre-qualification has become an important part of the sourcing process, encouraging transparency in supply chains, and mitigating risk. Why? Happy you asked.

It’s no secret that the procurement process can be long, arduous, and frustrating. In order to make it more manageable, we've streamlined the supplier pre-qualification process to make your life easier and encourage transparency in supply chains. It allows buyers to vet and identify reliable and sustainable suppliers that meet their criteria, and establish relationships with them. DeepStream’s pre-qualification feature allows buyers to access pre-qualification information efficiently, and enables suppliers to securely (and selectively) provide multiple buyers with their pre-qualification answers whilst only having to enter their answers once.

Making smarter decisions easier

A key benefit of DeepStream’s pre-qualification is that all suppliers that are on the platform have the option to fill out the pre-qualification questions. Once this is completed, this information is accessible to all buyers upon request. This makes it easier than ever to find the pre-qualification information a buyer needs to make an informed and transparent decision about a supplier’s suitability to bid on a tender, and makes it accessible on one safe platform.  

Another crucial benefit for a buyer dealing with multiple requests and even more suppliers, is the time saving aspect. Never again will our buyers have to search through the chaos of their inbox to find their suppliers pre-qualification answers. 

By streamlining the process for suppliers to enter their information, and for buyers to access it, we’ve made the process more efficient. This helps to decrease the time to award by removing unnecessary and inefficient steps (like email checking). It also gives our buyers the opportunity to repurpose that previously wasted time to evaluate their suppliers, and assess how well they meet their requirements. A more considered decision = a smarter one. It also gives our buyers more time to prioritise a criteria with increasing significance, sustainability. 

Furthermore, the ability for any member on our buyer’s team to request access to a supplier’s pre-qualification answers, makes the process more transparent. This is because every buyer team member is able to view the same information about a supplier once access has been granted. This allows for greater collaboration in decision making, and encourages discussion of priorities in selecting suppliers, providing the opportunity for sustainability to be championed. 

We prioritise making processes as streamlined for our buyers and their suppliers as possible which is why we have made this easier than ever! Our commitment to driving the conversation and implementation of sustainable processes is why we encourage our users to include sustainability in their decision making process, and why we’ve ensured our platform drives greater transparency. Our pre-qualifaction feature is just one example of this.

Are you looking to increase your transparency and efficiency by focusing on pre-qualification? Well, we're here for you.

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