Instant Access - Payment Terms

01. Subscription Fees

You will pay the following Subscription Fees per Request (RFI, RFQ, RFP) issued out to Suppliers via the Platform:
£450 / US$500 / €500 when no eAuctions module functionality is used
£750 / US$850 / €850 when the eAuctions module is used.

If you would like to be billed in other currencies please get in contact with our support team once you have been verified, we support billing in all major currencies.

02. Additional Fees

You shall pay no additional fees for access other than when issuing Requests to Suppliers via the Platform as outlined above.

03. Billing and Invoicing

DeepStream shall invoice your business in your preferred currency at the start of each calendar month based on the Subscription Fees schedule and Requests issued during the preceding calendar month, with payment terms of 30 days following receipt of invoice.

04. Start Date of Agreement & Subscription Period

The Effective Start Date shall be the date of the verification confirmation email from DeepStream admin, with a Subscription Term being the period from this until either your business account is closed or you decide to agree to a new commercial agreement with DeepStream.