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Get organized with Stages & Pages

When your RFI, RFP and RFQs are organized all your stakeholders are happy. Suppliers find them easier to respond to (and happy suppliers means better engagement) and your internal stakeholders know when they can expect the information they need. 

With Stages you can structure your Requests and make them easy to respond to, set deadlines so you get the right information at the right time, and by using our Pages functionality you can ensure all your information is easy to navigate by organizing it clearly by subjects.

Messaging tools that
just make sense

We’ve all been there. You send out an RFP and here comes the barrage of emails asking questions or for more explanation - it’s hard to keep track of. Within our procurement software we’ve built out intuitive messaging tools that make communication easy with both your suppliers and internal stakeholders. 

When you need to send a message to all suppliers - send a Bulletin. When a supplier needs to give you further information about a specific item you’re requesting for - they can post a comment (on the item they’re referring to!) Need to ask your IT team’s opinion on whether a certain certification is ok - send them a message on the Messaging tab. All your communication is in one place (and tracked by our Audit Trail). 

Gone are the days of copy and paste

Don’t waste time collating supplier responses. With our evaluation tools you can assess responses side by side and using our supplier scorecard, build out a set of internal criteria that you and your internal stakeholders can use to rank and score suppliers' proposals with. These tools remove the back and forth over email between suppliers, internal stakeholders, JV partners and consultants.

Get Instant Access

Not looking to commit to a plan on a licensed basis? DeepStream also offers Instant Access, which is our ‘Pay as you Request’ plan, and - as the name suggests - allows your business to get verified and be provided with Instant Access to the platform to start creating and issuing sourcing events (and more) - with no fixed monthly fee.

Why choose DeepStream

Intuitive software

User-friendly software, teams actually want to use

Unlimited customer support

Live customer support for you and your suppliers

No long contracts

Unlike big suite solutions, we don’t lock you in for years

Procurement software teams want to use.

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