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When sourcing is done right - you wind up with high-quality products or services at a reasonable cost while establishing positive, long-lasting relationships with your ideal suppliers. When done wrong - you could end up with low-grade products at a sky-high cost, driving your prices up as a result.

To make it even easier to understand how DeepStream can make running your RFx processes as painless as possible, we have mapped out where we fit in your procurement processes against the globally recognised and trusted CIPS Procurement Cycle.

Creating Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be a laborious part of the procurement process. When you need to administer complex projects with tight deadlines, there’s no time to waste. That’s when RFP automation saves the day.

When it’s time to issue a Request for Quote (or RFQ), it’s a sign that things are getting serious, as you narrow down potential suppliers to fulfill your procurement needs. There’s money and sensitive data involved, and it can get convoluted fast. Find out how automation can revolutionize your RFQs and business processes, helping you keep up to speed.

A request for information, or RFI for short, is often the first step in your procurement process, so it’s crucial to get the format right, as the clarity of your request determines the quality of your vendor responses. We explain the process and elements required, and share 9 helpful RFI response examples you can draw from to create a winning information template of your own.