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Overcoming Sending Your First RFx Angst.

Your first time. Like any first, it can seem intimidating - you’ve never done it before, you don’t know what the result will be and you’re worried you’ll spoil it. However, unlike many of your other firsts (yes, including that one), even after sending your first RFx (or any subsequent) you can go back and revise it. It’s like re-writing history, editing out all those cringe worthy memories and perfecting it according to the exact requirements needed.

How AI Makes the RFx Processes More Efficient, Transparent and Competitive.

“The human brain is better than the AI that most companies are using, and users do know best in terms of what they want the outcome to be. Therefore, in relation to DeepStream, it is excellent that the product is human focused, but introducing AI into the loop of the human process can augment the experience”.

From Long and Complex - to Short and Speedy: Busting the Myth of Intimidating RFx.

The reason it’s important to emphasize this is that adopting and implementing new technology can feel intimidating, and as a result can make people think that it should only be used for more intimidating RFx. We’re here to blow that myth out of the water by explaining why DeepStream is not intimidating, and talking about some of the use cases we’ve seen on the platform - from long and complex, to short and speedy.

Diversity and Inclusivity In the Workplace.

Diversity and Inclusivity is a phrase that is very familiar to the majority of us, and if it isn’t already, it should be. Promoting diversity and inclusion is something that shouldn’t just be addressed in the workplace, as its benefits are far more far reaching, however, it is a good place to start.‍

Diversifying Your Supply Chain: Why it is Important and How it Can Benefit Your Company’s Bottom Line.

In this post, we will discuss the importance and route to acquiring a diverse and resilient supply chain and exploring ways that you may be able to apply these principles within your current procurement process or sourcing strategy.

OREN & DeepStream Case Study: Joining Forces to Help Companies Make Procurement Processes More Efficient.

At DeepStream, we have close relationships with all our Partners, but none more so than with our channel partners, with whom we collaborate to drive the best results for themselves - and ultimately for their clients. To delve into this relationship a little more, we sat down with Tarja Strahlman, OREN Commercial Lead to talk about OREN Marketplace (a Shell and IBM venture) and DeepStream: where we started, how we fit into each other’s journeys and where we are heading.

Facilitating the New CleanTech (or GreenTech) Industrial Energy Transition.

The road to sustainability isn’t easy, and that’s because it's not one that the world as a whole has ever committed to traveling before. This commitment has come at a time when the majority of companies around the globe have started to digitalise, making the marriage between sustainability and tech perfectly timed, and one that everyone is invited to attend.

The Importance of Traceability in the Supply Chain.

Manual ways of working that take up time and block collaborative practices, are becoming increasingly redundant as the world becomes more adept at working online, with the support of efficient and transparent procurement software solutions.

Why Your Supply Chain Software Has to be User-Friendly

User-hostile software ultimately results in users going back to their old ways of doing things, and software collecting “virtual dust” in the corner.